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Norway, Sweden, Finland, Russia, the United States, Canada, Denmark, and Iceland make up the Arctic Circle, which covers approximately 4% of the earth’s surface. The average temperatures inside the circle can vary drastically from summer to winter. In some areas of Arctic Russia, the summer temperature can reach 30°C, and plummet to -50°C in winter.

The region has a long and rich history of human exploration, and it’s no wonder. The extreme temperatures and remoteness of the area make it one of the last true wild expanses on earth. The extensive snowfields, awe-inspiring ice sculptures, blooming tundras, and unique flora and fauna make it an enchanting wonderland.

Despite the extreme climate, there is so much wildlife to be seen. Land animals of the Arctic include lemmings, arctic hares, arctic foxes, wolverines, ermines, arctic ground squirrels, ptarmigan (a grouse-like bird), geese (that nest in summer), caribou, muskoxen and polar bears. The rich seas provide a home to seals, walrus, whales, and porpoises. There are several different whale species living in the arctic year-round, including narwhals, beluga, and bowhead whales. Humpback, grey, minke, and killer whales tend to visit during the summer months.


Due to extreme winter conditions it is only possible to visit the Arctic during the warmer periods of the year, from around mid May through to early October. Climate can vary depending on where exactly you are wanting to go in the Arctic, although it’s safe to say that you should expect cold temperatures with occasional highs of up to 10°C if you are going in the height of the summer months (mid-July to end of August).

Warm waterproof clothing suitable for the expected summer temperatures in the region. This includes a warm winter coat, waterproof overtrousers, winter boots with good soles, ear muffs or ear band, fleece face mask, gloves, one thin pair and a thicker pair to go over the top, base layers, warm wool socks and comfortable shoes for on board the vessel.

This depends on which countries you are planning on visiting during your expedition. Please see vessel information for the accepted currency on board.
Dependent on which country you are travelling to in the Arctic. Please see vessel information for what to expect on board.
Dependent on which country you are travelling to in the Arctic.
Dependent on which country you are travelling to in the Arctic. Please see vessel information for what to expect on board.



Dive into surprisingly rich icy seas. There are over 12,000 species living here, although most of them are microscopic! With 233 species of fish and 12 species of marine mammals, it’s safe to say that the area has an abundance of biodiversity and life. Some sites are packed with thickets of kelp, flourishing amphipods, stars, snails, tunicates, anemones, crabs, and other crustaceans and fish. Other sites are deep open water dives on the edge of ice sheets where you can see a rich array of ctenophores. If you’re fortunate, you may even come across a larger marine animal such as a walrus, a seal, or even a whale either beneath the waves or on the surface!

Due to the extreme conditions of this unique dive destination, it is required that you are a confident cold-water diver, with at least 20 dry suit dives.


3°C to – 1°C Dry suit only plus adequate undergarments.

Dive Season

Summer only – April to September

Dive Highlights

Spectacular jellies and ice structures

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