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The mighty Nile, rolling sandy deserts and fascinating ancient history are bound to bring the explorer out of any traveller venturing to this part of the world. Egypt is ideal for divers and non-divers alike as it is a country with an abundance of history and marine life.

The predictable recurrence and abundance of the annual flood of the Nile River, together with the semi-remoteness provided by deserts to the east and west, encouraged the development of one of the world’s most important Great Civilizations: the ancient Egyptians. The many tombs and ancient sites left by the ancient Egyptians will leave you captivated in wonder.

Once you’re ready to tear yourself away from exploring the surface, dive into the calm and clear waters of the Red Sea, an area known for its abundant marine life and diverse underwater environment.

Egypt is where it all begins!


With deserts spanning two sides of the country you can expect winters to be mild during the day, with temperatures sitting between 22°C to 25 °C, and cold in the evenings, with temperatures anywhere between 10°C to 16°C. Summers are hot and dry, with daytime temperatures between 31°C and 40°C, and nighttime temperatures falling to a more comfortable average of 20°C – 26°C.

We recommend dressing very conservatively, covering up adequately to avoid unwanted attention. It is acceptable to wear more liberal western clothing within resorts or onboard your liveaboard.

Egyptian Pound
Type C, Type F
Take normal travel precautions when eating and drinking – tap water is not safe to drink unless boiled or chemically treated. Bottled water is readily available.



The warm tropical waters located between Africa and Asia provide a home to over 1100 species of fish, 44 species of shark and 200 species of hard and soft coral.

If wrecks are your dive site of choice, you will be spoiled for choice in Egypt. From cargo ships to WWII vessels ranging between 40 to over 150 years old, you won’t be short of dive sites to capture your interest.

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned diver, the Red Sea is the perfect dive destination. Being a contained bay, it is calm and comfortable for first-time divers to traverse as they explore this fantastic underwater world. It also has a wide variety of reefs, wrecks and other excellent sites for the more advanced diver to enjoy. No matter what level of diving you have, the Red Sea will offer an experience to remember.


June – November: 24 – 28°C, December – May: 20-22°C 3-5mm

Dive Season

Whale shark, Hammerhead and Manta Ray season runs from the end of May to the end of July. Thresher sharks can be spotted in the Brother Islands and Marsa Alam Daedalus from September to February. The shark diving in Elphinstone is superb between October and January.

Dive Highlights

Egypt draws a large number of technical divers and diving courses owing to the exceptional visibility of the water and the accessibility of its enormous depths.


Egypt - Red Sea

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