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Turkey is a country surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea, the Aegean Sea and the Black Sea. The interior of the rectangular-shaped country is littered with mountains and valleys as well as lakes, river and waterfalls. The coastline is resplendent with beautiful beaches and bays, coves and ports, as well as islands and peninsulas.

Turkish lifestyle is a patchwork of the old and the new, placing the East and the West side by side. This juxtaposition of cultures and traditions allows travellers to feel like they are experiencing something entirely foreign while at the same time being reassured and comforted by the familiar sites and sounds.

One of the most notable aspects of Turkish culture is its food. Whether you’re eating from a roadside seller or in a bustling restaurant, you’re sure to find spectacular food and the heart of Turkish culture, hospitality and people.


Turkey has a Mediterranean climate with lots of sunshine hours, mild temperatures and a limited amount of rainfall.

Spring is from March to May. You can expect average daily temperatures of 18°C and nighttime temperatures falling to 9°C.

Summer is from June to August. You can expect dry, hot conditions with an average daytime temperature of 30°C and a more comfortable 18.5°C overnight.

Autumn is from September to November. You can expect cooler, more windy conditions with daily temperatures averaging 21°C and dipping to 12°C at night.

Winter is from December to February. You can expect cold and rainy conditions in some regions. Daytime temperatures average 11°C and can often fall below freezing overnight.

We recommend packing for the season during which you are visiting. Be sure to take lots of layers if you are going in Spring or Autumn. Please be aware that the country’s culture and religion call for a more conservative dress code, especially away from tourist areas. Please consider this if you are planning on participating in above-water activities.

Turkish Lira
Type C and Type F
Take normal travel precautions when eating and drinking – tap water is not safe to drink unless boiled or chemically treated.



The absolute highlight of diving in Turkey is the wrecks of the Gallipoli campaign. The Gallipoli Campaign occurred during the First World War in 1915. During this campaign, hundreds of ships were sunk. There are just over 200 wrecks in the area. Many of them are placed in inaccessible areas, as the Dardanelles Strait is still a bustling shipping route with strong currents and potentially very challenging conditions.

The primary dive sites that you will visit are made up of French and British WWI destroyers, cruisers and Anzac and British lighters. The eerie beauty of these sites is given a whole other dimension after learning more of their history, making the area perfect for those interested in history and wrecks and can produce some truly spectacular photographs.

Currently, Turkish diving authorities enforce a depth restriction to all recreational divers. The maximum depth limit is 40 metres. For wrecks located deeper than 40 metres, dive permits are required and must be approved before travel.


17°C – 25°C 5-7mm

Dive Season

April to September – Spring, summer and autumn in the northern hemisphere

Dive Highlights

Historical wrecks of WWI


Turkey - Istanbul
Turkey - Cappadocia
Turkey - Gallipoli

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