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Uepi Island

Solomon Islands



Uepi Island is perched on the edge of the largest lagoon in the world. This area of the Western Province of the Solomon Islands is the perfect destination for those looking for a slice of remote South Pacific paradise. 

You will fund no village on the island. The island is covered in lush forest and surrounded by thriving reef systems. Take a stroll around the island, relax on the beach with a good book, snorkel amongst colourful fish or paddle on the surface on a kayak or SUP. However, you relax you’re sure to find a way to wind down at Uepi.

If you’re keen to explore local culture and customs, then hop onto a boat and head out to nearby villages. Take your time in exploring other beautiful tropical islands and the welcoming people who call the Solomon Islands “home”.


Uepi Island has a tropical climate with average daytime temperatures between 25°C – 30°C. and evenings 19°C. Seasons are not clearly defined; however, November to April are the wetter months.




Uepi has magnificent reef diving. Dive sites vary from coral gardens with drop-offs, ledges and gutters featuring an enormous diversity of reef fish. Uepi Island sits on the meeting place of several significant currents, making it an excellent place for both drift dives and stationary dives, allowing you to watch the activity of the reef play out before you. Turtles, mantas and eagle rays are fairly common sights, as well as the Uepi hammerheads usually seen between May and August. 

Many of Uepi’s dives are located within a quick 5 to 10-minute boat ride from the resort. Uepi has three wreck diving sites to explore lying in Wickham Harbour. They are all Japanese freighters sunk by the US during World War II. Each one is upright, relatively intact and displays varying degrees of artefacts and marine life. All wreck dives are excursion dives, and they are approximately one hour from Uepi by boat.


Water Temperature

27°C – 29°C, 3mm wetsuit or rashie


Dive Season

Year-round, if you would like to see hammerheads then make sure to visit from May to August.

Dive Highlights

Uepi Elbow (24m)

An incredibly steep drop-off. The sheer wall drops to depths over 600m and is covered with colourful hard and soft corals. Keep an eye seawards as you are bound to see a variety of creatures swim by, including eagle rays, tuna, barracuda, king trevally, darts and of course sharks - particularly the seasonal hammerheads.


Charapoana Pier (36m)

This dive takes the underwater explorer along a wall crammed with gorgonians, soft and hard corals and profusely growing Amphora sponges. A range of colourful marine life includes schools of trevally, mackerel, sharks, rainbow runners, tuna, barracuda and smaller reef fish. 


Landoro drop-off and coral gardens (14m)

A varied dive, which takes in a drop-off and a tour through coral gardens. It is thought to be the most extensive range of soft and hard corals to be seen on one dive. A truly spectacular tour, with lots of smaller invertebrates, bullnose rays, stingrays and the occasional hammerhead. 


Uepi Point

Charapoana Passage meets the 'Slot' at Uepi Point. A near-vertical slope coated profusely with corals - especially gorgonian fans and colourful spiky soft corals. At 30m, a peninsula juts out before the wall steeply drops off. This provides the stage for a spectacular procession of pelagic species including schooling barracuda and sharks. Two bodies of water (from Charapoana Passage and The Slot) meet at this point and at various times (change of tide, high tide etc.) the area becomes a hunting/feeding ground. As a result, underwater action can be exhilarating. Overhead, large schools of trevally, jacks and fusiliers feed. Families of garden eels, an array of colourful gobies and a diverse collection of invertebrate life inhabit the sand patches of the shallows.



Water Activities Kayaks, paddleboards, wakeboards and kiteboards are all available at the resort. Either explore this paradise independently or join an organised experience/tour. Snorkelling The calm, clear waters of the island make this the perfect snorkelling location. If you have non-diving travel companions, they're sure not to be disappointed. Snorkelling equipment is available to hire.

Solomon Islands – Uepi Island
Solomon Islands – Uepi Island
Solomon Islands – Uepi Island
Solomon Islands – Uepi Island
Solomon Islands – Uepi Island
Solomon Islands – Uepi Island
Solomon Islands – Uepi Island
Solomon Islands – Uepi Island
Solomon Islands – Uepi Island


Uepi Island Resort


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